VS-500-Insect - Interior & exterior High Speed Door

The VS-500-Insect is a high-speed-door for interior and exterior applications.

The door-curtain consits partly or complete of a material "air-flow", which is permeable to air by 49 %.


Thats means, even when the door is closed there is an air-xchange throught the door, but the permeation of insects and bugs will be avoid.


The VS-500- Insect is designed for the following applilcations:

  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Productions with industrial waste heat


  • Bug-shield inlay with 49 % air-permaebility
  • Robust and tear-proof 
  • Complete door-curtain with bug-shield inlay avaiable


  • Robust and flexible interior high-speed-door
  • Frequency-converter control box
  • Side columns made of aluminium E6/ EV1
  • 5 curtain colours available
  • Horizontal window
  • No spiral-cable !
  • Self-detecting light-curtain integrated in side-coloumns
  • Anti-Crash-System
  • Optional with a hard-edge  bottomprofile(aluminiumprofile) or with a flexible bottomprofile  (rubber)
  • Easy installation
  • Aluminium-windbars increases the wind-resistance
  • Optional automatic opening by power-failure
  • Optional motor - and barrel housing/cover
Application: interior & exterior

Sizes (max):

Daylight width: 5000 mm
Daylight heigth: 5000 mm


Opening: 1.5 m/s
Closing: 0.8 m/s
Frequency-Converter Control Box in standard  
Side columns: aluminium eloxiert
Door curtain, optional  
partly with "air-flow"-material
complete with
Windprofiles: yes, aluminium, eloxiert
RAL 1018  
RAL 2004  
RAL 3002  
RAL 5010  
RAL 7035  
Safety devices: Light-curtain, self-detecting
Bottom-profile Hard edge


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